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The YMCA of Passaic, is now the Greater Passaic Clifton Community Center GPCCC for short. We are open and operating as normal while we go through this transition!

Through out this transition we hope to attract new members and visitors to the facility, promote the GPCCC and all it has to offer the community, and ask for the cooperation of everyone during this process.

We have plans to expand the pool, renovate the other gym, locker rooms, weight room, and the men’s health club with up to date equipment.  We will also be adding a lot of exciting new services and programs for everyone  child, youth, adult, and family to enjoy.

“This is a rebirth, a new start for the Passaic-Clifton community”

Our biggest task at hand is obtaining the much needed funds to fully renovate the GPCCC.  We are asking anyone interested in donating their time, skills, or resource in order to get us closer to our goal to please contact us.

We appreciate your support, cooperation, and donations.


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