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Gym Membership

What the membership consist of:

- Student Members will be able to enjoy the Gym, Pool, Weight room, Indoor Track and all of the extra activities associated with the Center.

Adult Members will able to enjoy the Gym, Pool, and Weight Room.  Indoor Track and all extra activities associated with the Center.  In order to have access to the lockers, you must bring your own lock which you will take with you at the end of your visit.

Health Fitness Club Members will have access to all of the activities listed above including access to the steam room, Sauna two whirl pool baths, workout area, and a lounge area with a T.V.  You also have access to your locker and private shower area.

Family Swim members will have access to swimming pool and locker room (four) people max.

-  Day Pass allows you entry to the Gym, Pool, Weight Room, and Indoor Track for that day only.




Gym A:  Gym A is the Center’s larges gym.  It has a full basketball court; Set-up, with a running track directly above the court floor. Also are goal post set-up allowing for indoor soccer games.

Gym B: Gym B is the Center’s 2nd gym. The set-up for Gym B is the same as Gym A, but also includes an area for paddle ball and hand ball.

Weight Room: Is equipped with a Universal Cross Cable Machine, Olympic free weights and dumbbells, 2 flat and 1 incline benches, with other adjustable benches to work with.

Indoor Track:  The Track is located above Gym A, (30 times around is equal to 1 mile) It’s also equipped with a heavy bag and 2 pull up bars.

Cardio Room:  Is equipped with tread mills, bikes, and weight machines.

Swimming Pool:  The swimming pool is a heated pool with three lanes to swim laps indoor.

Call 973-777-0123 for up to date information