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The YMCA of Passaic, is now the Greater Passaic Clifton Community Center - “GPCCC” for short. We are open and operating as normal while we go through this transition!

The building once known as the Passaic-Clifton YMCA on River Drive got a new name and a new gymnasium floor, as well as new hope for the future

What locals have called the “Y” since 1921 officially became the Greater Passaic-Clifton Community Center, at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at which its board publicly cut all ties to the national YMCA. With one clip of the giant scissors, the Y became the center.

“Our name has changed, but we’re still doing the same business and have a golden opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children.”

The decision to separate from the YMCA was a matter of economics. Although the Y is a powerful brand, chapters are required to pay 2 percent of their annual revenue to the national office in Chicago. The board decided that money would be better spent on programs, such as putting those resources back into programs, thus saving an estimated $8,000.

As the new center we plan to continue to offer an assortment of Y programs: swimming, pickup games of basketball and indoor soccer, Pop Warner football, a weight room, computer training, and an after-school session for kids. There are plans to renovate the swimming pool, fix the women’s locker room and replace the floor in the auxiliary gym. Ultimately, the goal is to attract new members and raise more revenue, and improving the women’s locker room.

“This is a rebirth, a new start for the Passaic-Clifton community”